About me


I am a Communications professional with experience in national Media, Breaking News, Live TV production, Social Media, and Political Campaigns with excellent verbal and written skills in both English and Spanish. During the 2016 Election Cycle I was the Florida Hispanic Press Director and spokesperson for Hillary For America, responsibility that lead all the Hispanic Media efforts of the campaign in the state.

Formerly I was a Senior Elections Coordinator on the team leading cross-platform Election efforts for Univision News, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America. In this role, I was charged with helping to lead Univision News’ election coverage, working closely with all stakeholders internally and externally with campaigns and all parties.

Before joining Univision in 2013, I was the Deputy Director for the Spanish version of Campaigns & Elections Magazine, a campaigns and political insiders journal founded by Stanley Foster Reed in 1980. I hold a Political Science Degree from Venezuela’s Universidad Central and a Master Degree in Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution from Turin University in Italy.

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